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Younger Years

Aimee Tortorich grew up in a small town on False River in Jarreau, Louisiana.  From an early age, she was an adventurer and wanted to explore the outside world.  As a way to be creative, she would take her mother's spices and blend them together, not knowing that she was well on her way to becoming a chef.  Her farm-to-table lifestyle started at an early age, where she would harvest vegetables from her family's  large seasonal garden.  Hunting and fishing and "living off the land" was a natural way of life.   

Like most southern families, cooking was the bond that kept her family together.  At 15 years old, she began working in the the kitchen at her family's bar and grill (Bueche's), where she got her first taste of the restaurant life.  When she completed high school, she enrolled in LSU but found herself wanting to travel.  Her true love of cooking began in her late teens when she made her first tomato sauce using Louisiana home-grown tomatoes.  She decided to take some time off from college, (not knowing what she wanted to be when she grew up) and worked for her uncle at Living Foods, a health food store in Baton Rouge.  She worked in the deli department, creating daily specials and began to explore her own cooking style.  At 21 she was at a crossroad..culinary school or the U.S. Navy.  She chose to serve her country and began bootcamp in 2004.